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Gabriela Toribio

Gabriela joined Rabo Investments in February 2024 to invest in startups that have the potential to create value with Rabobank. Prior to Rabobank, Gabriela served as Country Managing Director at Telefónica CVC unit in Brazil. She was responsible for the investment platform (seed to Growth stages) and for business development & value creation. As a pro bono, she served at ABVCAP (the largest private equity and venture capital association in Brazil) where she represented many CVCs and aimed to bring more data to the sector.

With experience in the areas of innovation, cross border transactions and venture capital, Gabriela was also involved in the academia, holding positions as a Professor at FIAP and Insper – both Brazilian Universities. Gabriela is from Brazil and holds degrees in Law and in Business. Outside work, Gabriela has a special passion for food and co-founded a food company focused on health foods.