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Rabo Ventures partners with early-stage companies to support their growth ambitions through venture capital investment, with a focus on innovation and sustainability in global Food & Agriculture.


Rabo Ventures aims to support the vital transitions needed in the global food system, which are closely linked to Rabobank’s sustainability ambitions. We invest across the value chain – from farm to fork – in stellar management teams building solutions for real problems in Food & Agriculture with demonstrable product-market fit.


Being part of a bank founded by Dutch farmers in the late nineteenth century, Food & Agriculture is in our DNA. We support our companies by leveraging our knowledge and network, including our unique access to the wider Rabobank institution and its clients.

An extensive network and strong partners are key to scaling your company. Rabobank is the number 1 global F&A bank and has strong relationships with most major F&A companies. We provide access to a growing platform of Rabobank F&A innovation initiatives, such as FoodBytes, and relationships with other F&A VC/PE specialists and incubators/accelerators.

Investment criteria

EUR 1m – 4m initial equity investment, with room to participate in follow-ons

Seed to Series B

Minority stakes with preferred Equity or convertible debt (selectively)

Impactful innovations across the Food & Agri value chain

Scalable business models with relevant competitive advantage and proven traction

Western Europe, Israel and North America

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