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Corporate Venturing

Rabo Corporate Venturing is the strategic investment arm of Rabobank. We accelerate the innovation agendas of the Rabobank business lines by investing in partnerships, new business models and emerging technologies. With our partners we contribute to building a stronger and more secure financial eco-system.


We invest in early-stage companies active in Financial Technology (FinTech) and its crossovers into Sustainability. With our EUR 275m fund we are building a well-diversified, strategically relevant investment portfolio of cutting-edge ventures and leading venture capital funds.


As strategic investor we pro-actively support our ventures and fund partners by leveraging our knowledge, broad network and provide access to existing Rabobank channels.

We enable innovative partnerships with the bank and seek opportunities to create mutual value. Either through strengthening existing relationships or by providing optionality for future strategic partnerships. We focus on specific segments in Fintech en Sustainability that are relevant to Rabobank with the aim to unlock new revenue potential, increase operational effectiveness or strengthening customer propositions.

Investment criteria

EUR 1m - 5m, with room for follow-on investment.

Seed & Series A/B rounds; and VC funds that focus on these companies.

Minority equity stakes and Fund commitments.

Strategically relevant segments in Fintech & Sustainability

Scalable software propositions with proven traction (EUR 2m contracted ARR).

Focus on Rabobank home markets.

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