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Trace Genomics

Year of Investment 2024

Description of the portfolio company

Since inception in 2015, Trace Genomics has built an industry leading soil analytics engine combining the use of metagenomics, soil science, and machine learning to activate hidden insights in soil for economic and ecosystem benefits. Trace is committed to the success of retailers and growers alike, providing the tools they need to outperform expectations and the competition all year long.


Investment rationale

Soil is an essential, non-renewable resource, providing the foundation for food systems by supporting 25% of all biodiversity, sequestering carbon, driving nutrient cycling, and regulating water. Despite its importance, soil has been mis-managed with 20-40% of global land already degraded, and up to 90% of top-soil at risk of being lost by 2050. As the leading F&A bank, Rabobank understands the criticality of soil health and has included it in the bank’s 4 key transition themes and championed it globally through the UN Soil Health Resolution.

Trace Genomics is leveraging a cutting-edge form of DNA testing (metagenomics) in combination with other established testing methods to provide both high impact & high ROI to farmers. Using Trace’s products, retailers can make highly specific recommendations to farmers that help reduce the usage of chemicals & fertilizers by over 25% and make existing fertilizers in the soil more available. Besides driving nutrient use efficiency, the platform also helps unlock the usage of biological inputs on 30-40% additional acres while helping growers to select the right seeds and change practises to build soil carbon.