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Komgo SA

Year of Investment 2019

Description of the portfolio company

Komgo SA is a Geneva-based company founded in 2018 by a consortium of international banks and corporations. The platform leverages blockchain technology to digitize the global trade and commodity finance industry. Komgo‘s key activities include blockchain-based trade documentation, digital identity verification, smart contract execution and commodity finance solutions. It operates as a consortium, aligning with the collective interests of industry stakeholders. Today, Komgo has expanded its presence to key international locations, including Singapore, Paris, London, Toronto, and Houston. It has earned the trust of a diverse customer base comprising of more than two hundred multinational corporations and global trade banks.

Investment rationale

The need for change and innovation within trade commodity finance is high. These complex processes are not innovative or futureproof. In response to this demand for transformation, Komgo was founded. Komgo is a tech driven trade platform, using the power of blockchain to completely change the industry. Recognizing the limitations of traditional approaches, Komgo offers a range of products and services that bring new life to the world of trade commodity finance. With its forward-thinking solutions, Komgo is reshaping how trade works, providing the efficiency and transparency needed to meet the challenges of trade.

Quote by management

The launch of Komgo SA highlights a shared vision for industry innovation and underlines the ongoing commitment among members to build a truly open and more efficient network within commodity trading” said Souleima Baddi, Chief Executive Officer of Komgo SA.e.