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IGS GeboJagema

Year of Investment 2021

Description of the portfolio company

IGS GeboJagema (IGS) specialises in the development, manufacturing and validation of high-end multi-cavity injection moulds used worldwide for the production of medical devices (including contact lenses, inhalers and insulin pens) by healthcare and pharmaceutical manufacturers. IGS is based in Eindhoven, where its engineering team and state-of-the-art production facilities are located.

Investment rationale

With its offering for the medical sector we view IGS is a uniquely positioned niche market leader. The investment strategy is focussed on further growth by increasing the share of wallet with existing customers and expanding the company’s geographic footprint in the United States. In our partnership with IGS we are actively involved as strategic sparring partner for management and assisting with the growth of the company via our technical knowledge and by opening up our international network.

Rabo Investments partnered with majority shareholder Smile Invest, maintaining a significant minority stake.