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Year of Investment 2012

Description of the portfolio company

Kompak mixes and packs home care products up to the highest standards in terms of commitment, quality and innovation. Kompak found its niche in flexible, high service, high quality B2B production with a focus on circularity and footprint. Its strong technical capabilities enable to handle a broad range of ingredients, including natural ingredients in the modern production plant in Etten-Leur.

Investment rationale

In 2011, the level of financing for the new building proved too heavy for the company. Due to Kompak’s growth expectations and potential with the new plant, it was decided to convert part of the financing to equity. Since the end of 2019, an active transition has been initiated to further strengthen the organization and invest more on Kompak’s distinguishing features. Successful changes have since repaid the financing, spearheaded the ESG strategy and further diversified the customer base.