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Koppert Cress

Year of Investment 2022

Description of the portfolio company

Koppert Cress is always looking for natural, innovative ingredients that chefs can use to intensify the taste, aroma and presentation of their dishes. Cresses are freshly sprouted plants of 100% natural, aromatic plants. These plants offer a freshness and intensity in taste and smell only found in young plants.

Koppert Cress has grown rapidly in the past 20 years and has realized a unique and valued position amongst fruit and vegetable traders, catering wholesalers, exporters, chefs and restaurateurs. The company is a family business that is keen on operating in the public eye. The company wants to continue its strategy in terms of marketing and sustainable innovations.

Investment rationale

Koppert Cress is a wonderful and resilient horticultural company. The company has held up well during COVID-19, when the food service market was largely closed. We consider Koppert Cress a front-runner in horticulture and focus on maintaining the innovative and distinguishing culture while pursuing growth with new clients, in new markets and with new products. In particular we support in value creation through human capital, increasing sales & marketing effectivity and (international) investments including M&A.

In 2022, RI became a co-shareholder by taking a minority interest in Koppert Cress.

Quote by management:

“In Rabo Investments, Koppert Cress sees a partner with a similar vision on horticulture, healthy food and sustainability. The participation of Rabo Investments guarantees continuity and growth while preserving our values and authenticity. This gives us the strength and resources to continue further growth.”