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Bird Control Group

Year of Investment 2019

Description of the portfolio company

BCG has developed autonomous laser technology to provide an environmentally sustainable and animal friendly method of bird control. The technology is market leading, and offers a cost effective solution in a large global market. BCG is focussed on agriculture, but its application is also used in industrial sites (grain processing facilities, airports, power stations amongst others).


Investment rationale

Birds near agricultural fields can cause yield loss and general disruption, directly impacting farmers’ revenue. For industrial clients (e.g. airports, power stations), birds pose a significant cost due to structural damage, cleaning requirements, noise disturbances, and health and safety issues.

BCG’s innovative technology offers an efficient and animal-friendly solution for repelling birds, catering to the needs of both customer groups. This green and silent tool requires minimal maintenance and has demonstrated greater effectiveness compared to traditional methods like netting and acoustic systems. Lastly, it prevents bird-habituation to the product, ensuring sustained results.