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Year of Investment 2013

Description of the portfolio company

Divitel is a multimedia company active as an independent managed services provider specialized in the European digital video market with broad experience and technical know-how in the fields of Digital Video Broadcasting (DVB) and Internet Protocol TV (iPTV) solutions.

Divitel designs, builds, maintains, monitors and operates the entire technical architecture of video ecosystems and provides the necessary support services such as consultancy, testing, certification, documentation, training as well as entire cloud-based managed technology services, recurring monitoring and predictive maintenance services on the systems. Divitel is transforming its service offering through the use of AI.

Investment rationale

Divitel has established a strong position in delivering integrated solutions in the increasingly complex field of digital video since 1995. The application of AI enables Divitel to improve the effectiveness of its service offering, scale its operations and grow recurring income. Rabo Investments, together with Belgian co-investor Smartfin, assists Divitel in growing their automated solutions.