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Hawk AI

Year of Investment 2024

Description of the portfolio company

Hawk, founded in 2018, has rapidly scaled globally and currently monitors and screens billions of transactions worldwide. The company’s explainable AI approach has proven to be a game-changer in the industry, enabling financial institutions to drastically reduce false positive rates compared to traditional anti-money laundering solutions, while also detecting more unseen and novel crime. Hawk’s modular solution can either enhance or replace traditional rules-based systems with AI-powered transaction monitoring, payment screening, KYC, and fraud prevention in real-time to deliver greater accuracy and reduced noise.

Investment rationale

Rabobank has been working with machine learning applications in FEC already for many years. What impressed us most about Hawk is that they’re delivering compelling results using explainable AI. Their advanced screening, detection and monitoring capabilities align very well with our mission at Rabo Investments Corporate Venturing to build a more secure and robust financial ecosystem.