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Full Harvest

Year of Investment 2022

Description of the portfolio company

Full Harvest is solving the massive $2.5T food waste problem with technology and innovation services. The company runs the leading B2B produce marketplace that connects commercial produce buyers directly to farms to purchase all grades of produce. The company’s Innovation Services helps food and beverage brands develop new CPG products and sustainable supply chains that reduce food waste, CO2 emissions, and water use, while also bringing farmers additional revenues.

Investment rationale

Farm-level food surplus and waste presents one of the most unique opportunities for tackling climate change and improving nutrition. It is incredibly large (6-8% of global GHG emissions), not well-understood, highly underfunded compared to downstream food waste, and doesn’t need new tech to solve. Full Harvest directly addresses this challenge – the company’s mission is to eliminate on-farm food loss and create a world with 100% “full harvests” by fully digitizing the produce supply chain for the first time ever and increasing access to sustainable produce.