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Guardian Agriculture

Year of Investment 2023

Description of portfolio company

Guardian Agriculture is the pioneer in eVTOL-powered precision agriculture. Backed by some of the world’s largest agribusiness leaders, the company is transforming crop protection with the first integrated, US-manufactured, commercial-scale eVTOL system purpose-built for agriculture.


Investment rationale

Guardian Agriculture is a US-based start-up that designs, manufactures, and sells autonomous electric Vertical Take-Off and Landing (eVTOL) systems which are used for spraying crop protection. Its machines      lower the cost of spraying, increase the precision of application, reduce the need for labour, decarbonize fuel intensive farm operations, decrease the compaction from heavy tractors, and protect pilots from dangerous work.

Guardian Agriculture presents a strong fit with Rabobank’s food transition strategy. eVTOL systems enable the shift toward lower volume – higher precision application of chemicals, contribute to higher yield through removing soil compaction, allow for night-time spraying when farm workers & pollinators (bees) are not in the fields, reduce the rate of off-target chemical drift that damages surrounding biodiversity, and lowers the cost of planting cover crops which can increase soil carbon levels. In addition, Rabobank is well positioned to deliver added value to Guardian Agriculture by supporting commercialization with our international presence and access to large Food & Ag corporations, as well as growers.