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Year of Investment 2020

Description of the portfolio company

Innovopro produces novel chickpea protein for global food and ingredient companies. Using a proprietary extraction technology, the company creates clean-label, nutritious, non-allergenic and tasty ingredient formulations which overcome the limitations of existing plant-based protein ingredients.


Investment rationale

As global population grows, so does the demand for protein. Alternative proteins, including plant-based products, offer an opportunity to meet this demand in a more sustainable manner than conventional agriculture practices. Chickpea is a crop with excellent sustainability properties and is used as a rotational crop by farmers. Moreover, being a familiar ingredient with attractive properties, such as neutral taste and good texture, it is a highly relevant addition to the plant-based ingredient space. Innovpro’s technology enables the production of a clean label 70% protein concentrate, unlocking the future of sustainable and high-quality chickpea protein.