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Year of Investment 2019

Description of the portfolio company

Protix is a market leader in the production of circular, natural and sustainable insect ingredients. Protix breeds larvae of the Black Soldier Fly. Waste streams from the food industry serve as food for the insects. In turn, the insects are processed into sustainable ingredients such as proteins and fats, which are very nutritious solutions for pet food and animal feed. In this way, non-sustainable sources such as fishmeal and soy, can be replaced by a sustainable alternative.

Investment rationale

Driven by a growing world population, an ever increasing demand for protein, shortage of arable land and production inputs and increasing demand for more sustainable and circular ways of food and feed production, the market potential for insects is enormous. Insect based proteins offer a sustainable answer to the global food challenge that is at the core of Rabobank’s Food&Agri strategy. Protix enjoys a frontrunner status thanks to its intensive R&D capabilities, with has resulted in proprietary operational, technological and biological know-how and has created a modular and proven production system that is set-up to allow for a scalable international business model.