30MHz provides market leading wireless sensors technology in combination with a proprietary IoT-based software platform to measure and analyse indoor growing environments.

The 30MHz technology captures data at the plant level, providing greenhouse growers with real-time microdata and analysis for more informed growing decisions. With this the grower can materially improve crop yield and reduce input costs. In addition, growers can share data through the 30MHz dashboard with other growers and agronomists, so that the industry knowledge transfer can be maximized. The 30MHz Team comprises of hardware, software and cloud engineering experts with a passion for agriculture and operates internationally from its offices in Amsterdam, the UK and Hong Kong.

RCI saw a perfect fit with 30MHz where we can add value both in terms of network and knowledge for the benefit of the company. Rabobank is the main financier of horticulture in the Netherlands and has a strong network present in that sector. In addition, we have a large knowledge base:  both the research from our internal Food & Agri Research team covering Fresh Produce & Horticulture, as well as from our external partners such as Wageningen University can be applied to further develop the 30MHz product offering and strategy. By introducing 30MHz to our network partners abroad, particularly in the United States and Australia, we expect to further boost the international sales growth of the company.

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Rabobank has been instrumental in both second and third agricultural revolutions, not just in Holland but across the world. With capital, a good network (knowledge sharing) and entrepreneurial support they helped transform our industry. We couldn't have hoped for a better partner in bringing agriculture its fourth revolution: digitalization. This industry is too important to be disrupted, but it is inevitable software will change it profoundly. With Rabobank we can take the long view, build a global platform, and help indoor agriculture reinvent itself.

Jurg van Vliet

CEO & Co-founder

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