Rabo Investments co-invests into Pete & Gerry’s alongside trusted sponsor Butterfly

Pete and Gerry’s Organics is the nation’s leading producer of organic, free-range and pasture-raised eggs under the Pete and Gerry’s Organic, Nellie’s Free Range and Consider Pastures brands. The company is headquartered in Monroe, New Hampshire, with a second processing facility in Greencastle, Pennsylvania. The company traces its roots back to a small family farm in the late 1800s and has been raising chickens for three generations with an unrelenting commitment to bringing consumers the highest-quality eggs possible. Today, Pete and Gerry’s partners with over 130 small family farms across the country who follow the strictest standards of humane animal treatment and environmental sustainability, and its Pete and Gerry’s Organic and Nellie’s Free Range brands are the #1 egg brands in their respective segments. A leader in sustainability, the company became the first Certified Humane egg producer in 2003 and the first egg producer in the world to achieve Certified B-Corporation status in 2013. Rabo Investments co-invested USD 12,5m alongside Butterfly who acquired the company from the founding family. Pete and Gerry’s is Butterfly’s latest investment within its “seed to fork” approach to investing in food across agriculture, aquaculture, food and beverage products, food distribution and foodservice. Pete and Gerry’s CEO, Jesse Laflamme, will retain an ownership position and continue to help move the business forward.

6 May 2021

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